The Joys of the Retreat Experience

Joanna rubbed her temples then stretched her arms above her head.  She gently lay her head to one side, then the other, to  stretch the tightened muscles.  Lowering her arms, she closed her eyes and sighed.  There seemed to be no end to the tiredness and fatigue she was constantly feeling.  All her muscles were tense.  Her back and shoulders constantly ached.  She yawned again.

Shrugging, Joanna returned to scrolling through her newsfeed on the train ride home after work on a Friday afternoon.  Soon her mind began to wander to the tasks that would be waiting for her at home.  Bath the children; prepare dinner; clean up afterwards.  The floors needed to be swept and Continue Reading →

The Mind Body Connection

Our 21st century lives are busy and fulfilling.  As much as we often may complain about how “busy” we are, most of us enjoy our lives.  The Mind-Body Connection is around us. We love the variety of activities that modern technology and transport allow us to undertake though.   The gateway to the rest of the world that might otherwise remain unexplored is enlightening. Sometimes, though, it can become a little overwhelming.

At times it might seem that the body is vibrating with excessive nervous energy.  The mind is equally unsettled. Staying focused isContinue Reading →

Safety in the Wilderness

Eco Havens are bliss for those who seek to reconnect with their inner selves.  Many wish to disconnect from the outer world for a time.  By providing an environment that is different from the retreater’s normal surroundings, a new pathway is created focusing on what is important.  Everyday distractions are removed. Many such retreats are idyllically located in bushland or wilderness locations.  Often reliableContinue Reading →