The Joys of the Retreat Experience

Joanna rubbed her temples then stretched her arms above her head.  She gently lay her head to one side, then the other, to  stretch the tightened muscles.  Lowering her arms, she closed her eyes and sighed.  There seemed to be no end to the tiredness and fatigue she was constantly feeling.  All her muscles were tense.  Her back and shoulders constantly ached.  She yawned again.

Shrugging, Joanna returned to scrolling through her newsfeed on the train ride home after work on a Friday afternoon.  Soon her mind began to wander to the tasks that would be waiting for her at home.  Bath the children; prepare dinner; clean up afterwards.  The floors needed to be swept and mopped and the kitchen benches were overdue for wiping down.  As well as that, there was a load of washing that would need hanging out.  The children’s school bags need to be emptied so the sandwich crusts didn’t go mouldy over the weekend.

The Eco Retreat

In the corner of her eye she spotted a post about an Eco Retreat.  This certainly brought a smile to her face.  Joanna had been on an Eco Retreat a few years ago.  The bliss she felt both during and for a long time afterward was sensational.  It was a chance to really focus on herself and ensure she was giving herself the care and attention that she needed and deserved.  It meant disconnecting from all electronics, which seemed difficult at first.  That feeling only lasted a short time.  Soon she was delighted to be able to look around her and truly enjoy her surrounds.  She remembered that she promised herself that she would return for another wonderful experience.  It seemed like the universe was telling her that she should do so very soon.

She made the decision to book right now.  Her aching muscles were evidence enough that she needed to do something.  Fortunately, online reservations are so simple.  By the end of her train journey she had selected a vibrant health retreat to join in just a couple of weeks.  To say she was looking forward to the massages and healthy nutrition would be an understatement.  The options for bush walks and hot tubs were definitely bonuses that she knew would help her feel more relaxed and balanced.  Being disconnected from her electronics would be sure to alleviate the extra strain on her neck and back muscles as well.  The restful sleep she knew would be welcoming her amongst the trees with only the sounds of the nocturnal animals and the
rippling creek would help overcome her fatigue too.  Healthy, nutritious meals included would nourish her body and help rebuild her equilibrium.

As her train pulled into her station, her smile was planted firmly on her face.  She was looking forward to her next Eco Retreat with wonderful anticipation.  Knowing she shouldn’t leave it so long between retreats, as she stepped onto the platform, she wondered if she should book another one in the not-too-distant future.

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