The Mind Body Connection

Our 21st century lives are busy and fulfilling.  As much as we often may complain about how “busy” we are, most of us enjoy our lives.  The Mind-Body Connection is around us. We love the variety of activities that modern technology and transport allow us to undertake though.   The gateway to the rest of the world that might otherwise remain unexplored is enlightening. Sometimes, though, it can become a little overwhelming.

At times it might seem that the body is vibrating with excessive nervous energy.  The mind is equally unsettled. Staying focused is more difficult.  This is the connection between mind and body.  Often though, we are unaware of it.  There may be a feeling of constant tiredness or a series of headaches.  Once any underlying medical issues have been ruled out, it may be useful to consider a stress-release or relaxation strategies.

The Connection

Eco Retreats are ideal for calming and reconnecting the mind and body in a positive way.  Removing the almost addiction-like connection to electronic devices, guests are encouraged to plug in to their surroundings.  Many such retreats are located in more remote, quiet environments.  Eliminating the constant, invasive everyday sounds and replacing them with the gentle caress of nature’s song can help to calm the sense of hearing.

The other senses can also benefit from some change.  Swapping from the glare of electronic screens to the splendour of the vista with dappled sunlight through leaves.  Changing the constant grip on tools and utensils and the tension build-up in the neck and back muscles to embracing the soothing massage gliding over those same areas.  Fresh nutritious foods sourced from nature can replace the processed meals we often rely on in busy times.  Inhale deeply to oxygenate and energise the body, discovering the pleasure of the scents of fresh blossoms.

Our senses carry the messages to our brains.  If our senses are sending notes of well-being and relaxation, the emotional part of our brain, our mind, can also receive and respond to that.  The pleasant sensations create a similar sense for the mind.  The sense of overwhelm is lessened, or disappears entirely, once the level of calm has improved.

Spending time at an Eco Haven is an exceptional way to recreate the energy you want to envelop yourself with.  They focus their selection of experiences, activities and indulgences to specifically encourage their guests to replenish both their physical and mental energy levels.

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