Safety in the Wilderness

Eco Havens are bliss for those who seek to reconnect with their inner selves.  Many wish to disconnect from the outer world for a time.  By providing an environment that is different from the retreater’s normal surroundings, a new pathway is created focusing on what is important.  Everyday distractions are removed. Many such retreats are idyllically located in bushland or wilderness locations.  Often reliable internet connectivity is not available in such areas so disconnecting from electronic devices is required.  Once this happens, the selection of activities becomes more experience based.

Bushwalks, Hiking and the Wilderness

Bushwalks and exploring the wilderness are delightful activities to activate inspirational thought processes.  The inquisitive mind will seek out new and wonderful delights in the flora and fauna.  Deep breaths will draw renewed energy into the lungs to energise the body.  With such walks, of course, is also the need for caution.  Minimise the risk for injury or accident.

Safety Tips & Hints

  • Stings and bites are an ever-present possibility.  Wildlife feel threatened by your presence.  Wear sturdy covered boots, long trousers and long-sleeved shirts for protection. 
  • Suitable footwear will also help with sound footing on the tracks.
  • Wear gloves to protect hands.  Plant sap and thorns are often poisonous.
  • Increased levels of exertion may increase moisture loss. To prevent dehydration, drink sufficient water prior to the walk as well as carrying extra with you.
  • A few small items of food, such as breakfast bars, are advisable as well. In the unlikely event that the hiker becomes lost, it will help with sustenance until located, especially if they will be out overnight.

Safety Equipment

  • A light source, such as a torch, is advisable as well.  Use it to signal if necessary.
  • Sun protection is also vital. A broad-brimmed hat and sunscreen will aid in this area.  Apply extra sunscreen during the walk if necessary.
  • Carry a small First Aid Kit with you to treat any minor injuries that you may sustain.
  • Be sure to advise someone of your expected path and intended time of return.
  • Carry a communication device with you. Even if your mobile phone service is not great, you may still be able to make an emergency call if necessary.  Remote Eco Retreats often have a two-way radio system for the use of their guests.

Being able to enjoy the abundant delights of an Eco Retreat is fabulous.  Take precautions to ensure mishap will not eclipse the delight.

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